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Water Damage From Storm

Water After The Storm

Have you noticed water leaks after a Thunderstorm or rainy weather? This can be attributed to a number of areas in your home. For instance, leaks can come from your roof, A/C Unit, and pipes. Bursting and other major pipes can leak and cause water damage in a home. It’s important to take care of these leaks right away as the property damage can escalate. What do you do when your home has a large leak due to storm damage?


  • When water inundates a home – Shut off the main source of electricity
  • Use Wet Vac to remove some excess water (does not account for moisture)
  • Leaky Pipes – get a receptacle to capture water

Small leaks can be taken care of, but if there is an emergency flooding from a pipe, contact the professionals at All Good Plumbers for assistance.

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