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Drain Leak

Leaking Through Your Joints?

Ever have a leak from a pipe, but not quite sure where it is? The leak could be a drain leak which is commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. These drain leaks specifically happen at the slip joints in the drainpipe. These are hidden behind boxes, can cause damage to flooring, cabinets and even ceilings below. Here’s what to look for.

The Signs:

  • Puddles, water stains or dank odor in the cabinet
  • Damaged flooring by the front of the sink

The Source:

  • Fill sink bowls, check all joints from the sink to the wall
  • Run and drain the dishwasher and check the hose connection

The Fix:

  • First, tighten the slip nut. If that doesn’t work, disassemble the joint, coat the washer with Teflon joint compound and reassemble

If the leak persists, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at All Good plumbers for assistance.

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