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Money Down The Drain

Flushing Money Away?

Ever had the feeling of money going down the drain? What if your funds were actually flushing down the drain due to a high water bill? Believe it or not, a small leak in your water system can cause your water bill to be higher. Unattended leaks are not only a high cost, but it also a waste of water. Here are some areas in your water system to check for leaks.

1. Bathroom

  • Toilets and sinks leaks

2. Kitchen

  • Fixture and faucets leaks

3. Sprinkler

  • Irrigation leak

4. Outdoor

  • Lateral Line Leak

5. Older pipes, fixtures, and etc

These are the common areas where leaks can cause higher water usage in your home. If you cannot find the source of the leak, have the service professionals at All Good Plumbers fix your problems today.

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