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Kitchen Sink Leak

Everything Leaking and the Kitchen Sink?

Leaks under the kitchen sink can stem from a leaky pipe, or faucet. Another culprit of kitchen sink leaks is sink rim leaks. Leaks from the sink rim allow water to seep under the rim and to the base of the faucet. They’ll gradually damage the cabinets and countertops. Here’s what to look for:


  • Puddles, Dampness or water stains inside the cabinet.
  • Loose plastic laminate near the sink.
  • A loose faucet base.
  • Deteriorating caulk around the sink.

The Source:

  • Examine the underside of the countertop with a flash light. Look for swollen particle board and other water damage.
  • Dribble water around the sink rim and look for leaks

The Fix:

  • Tighten the faucet base by turning the mounting bolts/nuts underneath it.
  • If the sink rim is caulked, scrape the old caulk and recaulk.
  • Tighten the clips under the sink rim that clamp to the countertop

If the leak still persists, don’t hesitate to give the professionals at All Good Plumbers a call.

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