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Bathroom Leak Woman

All Backed Up?

Toilets can be backed up from time to time, and leaks can develop. Toilet leaks can not only cause damage to your bathroom, but also the surrounding area. Leaks can come from the water supply or tank, but the most damaging leaks occur at the flange and wax ring. These leaks occur where the toilet meets the waste pipe below. They allow water to seep out at every flush, which wreaks floors, rots the subfloor and joists, and damage the ceiling below. This is what to look for.

Signs of Trouble:

  • Water seeping out the toilet base
  • Loose or damaged flooring
  • Stains on the ceiling below
  • A toilet that rocks when pushed against. The rocking motion eventually breaks the wax seal

The Source:

  • The flange is level with the surrounding floor surface
  • Cracks in the flange
  • Bolts and/or slots are broken
  • A loose flange, or improperly screwed into the subfloor

How to Fix:

  • Reinstall the toilet with a new wax ring
  • If the flange is too low, install a plastic riser over the existing flange
  • If the bolts or flange slots are broken, install a metal repair flange
  • If the flooring is uneven and rocks the toilet, slip toilet shims under the toilet when reinstalled.

These tips should assist in stoping toilet flange leaks. If the leak continues, have the professionals at All Good Plumbers handle your plumbing needs.

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